Friday, September 3, 2010

Exchange your sexual partner

Exchange your sexual Partner

Did you ever fantasy about having sex with Marilyn Monroe, Brat Pitt, Angelina Jolie or maybe simply your neighbour? Do you wonder how it would be to have sex with sombody else as your normal Partner? If you say yes, this file will be the perfect match for you. Listening to this recording will install a trigger into your mind. You can use this trigger whenever you have sex with your normal partner, simply by saying or just thinking to yourself: "Change my partner now" and choose the one you fantasy about. Whenever you trigger yourself, your normal partner will transform into the one you would like to have sex with. You will see the face, the body, the hair of this new person, this person will smell, act, feel like you imagine they would. The more you listen to this file, the more your ability to imagine other people will grow. Until you finally are able to choose one for this night and another for the next. It will be impossible to call your real partner by a wrong name, so you are always safe to trigger yourself. So you can experience sex with others without any risk for your relationship. And as long as you don´t tell your partner what you are doing, they will never know. You can`t do it outside of sex, but you can do it in the early stage of it, even if you just start kissing, or at any time in the act.

When you are done, your partner will transform back to normal.

you can find that file here:

Femdom erotic hypnosis

Monday, August 23, 2010

Attract women now

Attract women now - Pheromone booster

This is the real deal, a kick ass, it will blow you away when you see your results. This is powerful hypnosis that will make you a chick magnet, and it will change your natural hormone production. It will help to increase it. Your scent will be irresistible to women and girls and you will ooder a lot of it. Men with a highe pheromone production are automatically considered more attractive to girls and women, charismatic, powerful (even if they aren't any of those things). And, women naturally lower their defenses for men who smell "sexy", even before that man says a word. Your mind controls the production of ALL the chemicals that course throughout your body. On occasion, it unconsciously increases your pheromone production. Have ever had a situation, that there where more than one woman that likes you, all at the same time? It's likely your pheromone production was higher at the time. This file will increase your pheromone production permanent. But be warned, it may happen that you will become that attractive, that you may need the Hypnotic viagra file soon. LOL

Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Femdom erotic hypnosis

Hello sweetheart,

I have been busy the last days, and so there are some new files available.

Lucid dreams
Lucid dreams are dreams you can control while you sleep. Yes a dream where you are the director, as well as the star of the dream. A dream where you control every step of the way and control what is going to happen next. You might decide in your dream that you can fly, and off you go. Or that you want to have sex with a gorgeous partner, and this will happen. Or you could try what it is like to be a member of the opposite sex. Maybe you want to try being a porn star in a porno movie.

Cock massaging latex pants
You listen to my voice and feel something happen. What is happening,
is that from now on, whenever you put on your underpants or panties, then
instead of feeling the normal material that underpants or panties are made
of, you start feeling they are made of latex instead. That's right. Sexy
little latex briefs. Your underpants could be made of cotton, or nylon, or
anything else. That doesn't matter at all. They could be old fashion underpants,
boxer shorts, briefs, panties or anything else. That is of no significance.
Because the moment you put them on, you will feel as though you have been
putting on a pair of snug latex briefs instead. When you finally start to feel them all day, the next level starts to work. your balls gets massaged by the latex pants and your cock gets stroked, soon you will be on the edge of orgasm all day.

Assertiveness training
You are a natural born leader, and people love to follow you, people love to be around you, and they love to hear your ideas. you are the one, the one who can take control, you are a leader,
and the people you guide, will trust you, they can trust you, because you will always be fair.

Body image
From now on, starting this very moment, you have a positive image of your body. Whether your body is exactly where you would like it to be, or not at this particular moment in time, whenever you look at yourself, or think of your body image, you will do it in a positive manner. Looking at your body in a positive manner, will help you to feel good about yourself, and to continue to progress, towards the body image that you really want.

Overcome insomnia
From now on, whenever you go to bed and want to get a full nights sleep,
you will sleep immediately,
all your worries, and all the other distractions will simply vanish,
they will vanish as soon as you go to bed for a full nights sleep.
there is nothing more to do, just lay down, slip under the sheets and close your eyes.
all your worries, all your fears, will simply drift away

Have fun and enjoy my work at femdom hypnosis

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Become a better musician

Become a better musician

Become a better musician

You will start to develop a series of skills to improve your musicianship. You will feel these skills improving on a daily basis, and will keep improving on an endless basis.
First, you will notice your hearing will improve. You will be able to hear even the slightest detail, even with low volume.
Every detail of the music, every note played, every sound, every word sung. You will be able to identify each and every note.
Every instrument will be as clear as if it would be the only instrument played, you will be able to concentrate on each and
every instrument. Later on you will be able to play that music immediately.

Oh, and as the other files, i do it my way.

So, be prepared to get a little bit aroused.

Have fun!

Wealth and Prosperity

Wealth and Prosperity

Wealth and Prosperity

Imagine your own mind as a garden. You are the gardener and you are planting seeds. The seeds are your thoughts, all day long you are planting thoughts or seeds in your subconscious mind based on the way that you normally think. The way that you think, and you sow the seeds in your subconscious mind are the same way that you will reap the reward in your body and your surroundings.

You will begin to sow new seeds. You will plant seeds of peace, happiness, right action, prosperity, and wealth. You will continue to plant these wonderful seeds in the garden of your mind and as they grow you will reap the benefits of your deepest desires.

Have fun and enjoy your new life

Friday, March 5, 2010

Overcoming Procrastination

Overcoming Procrastination
With this file, I start a new series of success orientated hypnosis files.
What are the benefits of overcoming procrastination? Peace of mind, a
feeling of strength and purpose, and healthy feeling of being in charge
of your life. While procrastination makes you feel weak, useless, and
helpless, taking charge of your life will make you feel strong,
competent, and capable. You will experience increased personal freedom!
This file, will open your mind, and you will explore the possibilitys of erotic hypnosis, in combination with helpful suggestions for a better life..
This file will help you to overcome Procrastination.
But i do it in my way. So be prepared to get a little bit aroused and horny. ;-)

Have fun and enjoy your life.

Overcoming Procrastination

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Erotic hypnosis with suggestions for a successful live

Hypnosis is a powerful tool, to change things in your life. Whatever you want to change, hypnosis might be helpful to achieve your aims. In this blog, i want to discuss the possibilities of erotic hypnosis, and the combination of erotic hypnosis and suggestions to achieve a better and successful life.
You can find my files here: femdom erotic hypnosis
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